Plus Force

Plus Force is our collaboration initiative for achieving our strategic objective of supporting 50 million startups by 2020 with 50% survival statistics. Within Plus Force are three categories of collaborators, each contributing their quota in various ways and to diverse initiatives, events and solutions. A common theme is shared desire for building Africa’s economy. The categories are:

+ Plus Force Partners: Plus Force Partners are organizations who make commitments to our programs and initiatives for startups in Africa. They are typically involved in our activities as Sponsors, Media Partners, Trade Partners, and Investors. Find out how your organization can become a Plus Force Partner with StartUpPlus.

Meet our Plus Force Partners:


+ Plus Force Supporters: Plus Force Supporters are individuals, groups, associations and organizations who give to support our initiatives and events, play the role of social ambassadors for us, offer their time to support our activities and act as influencers who make our work easier to do. They are an invaluable group of collaborators to us. Learn how you or your organization can become a Plus Force Supporter.

Meet our Plus Force Supporters:


+ Plus Force Volunteers: Plus Force Volunteers are individuals who offer to assist with tactical work. Volunteers can typically be found doing anything from ushering at our events to helping out on a field project; they even get to be part of administrative and online support. A set of volunteers function as mentors to startupreneurs during some of our programs and initiatives. Their contributions cannot be overemphasized as they take a great deal of work off of us. Learn about becoming a Plus Force Volunteer.