Our Objective

Our Objective

Our objective is a direct response to the reality that startups are endangered species across Africa and Asia. Studies show that only 4% of all startups alive today will be alive and flourishing in ten years’ time. WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA numbers are not that terrible, yet there seems to be no alarm being raised about the situation.

Our objective is to raise startup survival statistics to 50% by 2020 (from 80% – current). We will provide support for 50 million startups across Africa and Asia.

The implication: Of the 50 million startups we aim to support, 25 million will remain alive and growing instead of the threatening 40 million death prediction – a 150% survival rate. With hopefully improved odds, we can further salvage more of the 25 million in the following five years marking up to 2025.

One is too small to achieve significance; hence we need your help to keep more businesses alive. We need partners to join forces with us. Find out how you can join forces with us.

We can, together, power startups!