Strictly Startups                                             …growing startups

StrictlyStartups is a campaign deployed to empower startupreneurs for growth of their startups. The core objective of Strictly Startups is to grow startups, making it imperative to explore creative strategies to inspire the birth of startup ideas and the growth existing startups.

There are four cardinal campaign strategies:

+ Media Campaign – using videos, quotes and podcasts on various digital media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo) and traditional media platforms (Radio and TV)

+ Campaign Tours – to NYSC orientation camps, churches, mosques, schools

+ Preneur Lab – nurturing entrepreneurship in children from Age 5 to 19 using the Kidpreneur and Teenpreneur Self-paced Kits.

+ StrictlyStartups Mega Fair – the largest showcase of breakthrough developments and ideas by startups in Africa.