Expert Interventions

Expert Interventions (

Our Expert Interventions are built for the times, to salvage startups from the deathly blows of the environments they operate in. These interventions address the major struggles of startups in Africa, proposing world class solutions for overcoming imminent difficulties caused by knowledge gaps and inability to manage situations better handled by experts.

We boast of a team of extensively trained consultants and coaches who combine experience with expert knowledge on startup related issues. Our coaches and consultants are members of the Accredited Association of Small Business Consultants (AASBC), Texas, USA, and deliver their prodigy in subject areas including strategy, organization, finance, human resources, business planning, business forensics, business leadership among others.

Our expert interventions are:

+ Consulting Interventions: Our consulting interventions are highly engaging, and objective. We work together with clients to diagnose root triggers, recommend expert solutions and support the execution of the solutions. We make room for clients to be fully involved in the entire process. Depending on the background issues identified, we come as partners in progress with our clients to see to the resolution of impeding and sensitive issues. Below are some feedbacks from satisfied clients who have experienced our consulting interventions with remarkable results:


Praiseworld Radio

Poise Clothing Company

Nobility Schools


+ Coaching Interventions: Our coaching interventions have an overall outcome: viability of the startupreneur. We coach startupreneurs by giving them the required tools and support to realize their goals and objectives; this we do by coming side by side with them to identify the solutions that work, and guide the execution of same. All our coaching clients emerge as star players in their field of play, giving their startups the needed springboard to launch, grow and spread. Book a Coaching Intervention.

+ Startup Plan Development: At StartUpPlus, we believe that if any idea is worth executing, it is worth planning first. This is why we place a premium on business planning. Our business planning intervention takes a two-edged approach: first is Strategic Plan Development, and second, Business Plan Development.

When we develop startup plans on any of these two levels, we engage our Idea Incubation Tool and Startupreneur Challenge Tool to lay the proper foundation for an effective plan. Knowing that the quality and validity of information available determines the effectiveness of any plan, we set out to acquire all relevant information accessible thus ensuring the development of a plan that truly works.  Begin Your Startup Plan Development Now.