StartUp Conference, #SUC

Startup Conference is a convention of stakeholders on the startup scene including startupreneurs, investors, consultants and wannapreneurs where critical issues affecting startups within the host country are discussed, and action plans are gleaned. The conference assumes different postures depending on the objectives of respective editions. Participation in #SUC is strictly by registration. #SUC is not a paid event.

StartUpPlus has hosted three editions of Startup Conference in Lagos, Nigeria – Startup Conference 2014, Startup Conference Lagos 2015 and Startup Conference Lagos 2016. Typical of Startup Conferences are the uncommon set of panelists and speakers, and this has come to be a trend associated with Startup Conferences. Over the three editions hosted, Startup Conference has unarguably become the most anticipated startup event in Nigeria with calls for it to be hosted in other Nigerian cities including Abuja, Ibadan and Port Harcourt.

At Startup Conference Lagos 2016, #SUCLAGOS2016, there were tremendous experiences too numerous to share about how several participants encountered a mind revolution on the subject of funding ideas. Following the event, some participants took to social media to express their gratitude and excitement about the event, while some sent in appreciation emails. #SUCLAGOS2016 attracted registrations from startupreneurs across Nigeria seeing to the traveling of many from various states in Nigeria to Lagos, the host city. Startup Conference had about 150 startupreneurs in attendance while over 400,000 connected via live streaming platforms. The impact was phenomenal; it felt like the event should continue as participants lingered on in the event room. See photos from past Startup Conferences.

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