Fundable Startups Masterclass


This is a strategic workshop that positions startups to be investment ready. It emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to build their startups into fundable businesses. Among other things, Fundable Startups Masterclass sets the pace for startups to gain requisite knowledge on how to turn their startup idea into a master plan that works, how to reinvent their strategy to overcome economic hardship, how to prepare their startup to close rounds of funding, and how to start or expand a business with little or no cash down.

In 2016, the flagship diet of Fundable Startups Masterclass held in Lagos, and had 19 startupreneurs from six states across Nigeria (Ilorin, Ekiti, Rivers, Oyo, Ondo and Lagos) in attendance. See photos here.

The next diets of Fundable Startups Masterclass will hold in Abuja (September 14) and Lagos (September 24).